The general public in the Arab region lacks trust in the mainstream, governmental and politically affiliated media outlets – a gap that grew even wider in light of the Arab Spring. Prior to the recent rise of social media, the scope for diverse and open discussion was narrow and monopolised by the governments, political parties and family-owned media outlets. Now many people in the region, particularly youth (who make up two-thirds of the region’s population), seek an alternative media culture.

Who We Are

Média Sans Frontières – Media Without Borders (“MediaSF”) was developed as a concept in 2014 and legally registered in 2016.

MediaSF is an independent and secular organization committed to developing and supporting an alternative media culture in the Arab World and the diaspora. Our mission is to serve Arabic-speaking communities throughout the world with a multimedia platform that uses citizen journalism and social media to give a voice to the underrepresented, challenge the status quo, and promote freedom of expression, diversity, and inclusion.


Media without borders Blogger’s Website and Network

will serve as the main portal by which citizen journalists can connect with one another and contribute news coverage, opinion pieces, features, blogs, and more. The website will be interactive and dynamic, using the latest modes of communication including but not limited to audio and visual media, social media, and blogging. Website content will be driven by the contributions of bloggers throughout the region, and will include a wide spectrum of media, information, and exchange on social, political, religious, and cultural issues affecting the Middle East Region, and Arabs living in the diaspora. We will also support bloggers with tools, training, and mentorship to develop and refine their work and skills.  Through partnerships with media organizations and production houses, we will also provide technological support to journalists in producing multi-media news.


Media without borders will develop training programmes and workshops for journalists, bloggers, and interested persons in citizen journalism, social media, video journalism, media laws, rights, and freedoms.

Advocacy and defense for journalists

Media without borders is committed to actively protecting, promoting, and defending the rights and freedoms of journalists in the Arab World, including economic, moral, and security-related rights. Through Media without borders network of legal and human rights experts, we will provide legal and advocacy support to citizen journalists and bloggers, as well as awareness raising and advocacy to governments, NGOs, civil society, academia, and the general public.


Media without borders will establish a research center to support the work of Arab media professionals and journalists. Activities may include :

  • providing research and information on media-related laws and regulations in the Arab World,
  • identify gaps or deficiencies in media-related laws and develop policy briefs to advocate for new laws that protect journalistic rights and freedoms,
  • monitor regional and international coverage of issues in the Arab region and document trends in media usage,
  • conduct research studies and publish books, reports, and brochures.

Commitment to the principles of ethical journalism

Truth and Accuracy, Independence, Impartiality, Humanity and Accountability


We are committed to enriching the social, democratic, and cultural fabric of the Arab world by engaging and supporting youth, persons from underrepresented and marginalized segments of society, and refugees and migrants in the diaspora in dialogue and exchange.

Promoting civic participation

By fostering a culture of citizen journalism, we aim to create a well-informed and engaged public, support marginalized people to reclaim their voices, and to make public stories that are otherwise silenced.

Protecting and Promoting Human Rights

We are active advocates for human rights, freedom of expression, and press freedom at the policy level. We are committed to supporting journalists facing any form of harassment, censorship, and threats.


We are committed to social justice and actively promote gender, racial, and religious equality by ensuring representation on our staff and network. At Media without borders, all voices are considered equal. We are committed to being non-sectarian and politically non-partisan in our work.


We practice transparency in all of our business practices, sharing information openly and honestly with our stakeholders, network, and the public.

Zero-tolerance for incitement of hatred, violence and intolerance

We welcome frank, open, and honest discussion and expression on issues facing the region, including in politics, economy, art, culture, and society. Media without borders encourages free expression, equal opportunities to voice opinions and thought, and constructive debate and discussion, in a positive atmosphere protected and safe from slander, abuse, threats, and humiliation. We will ensure that ethical and professional standards are upheld and employ a zero-tolerance policy towards incitement to hatred, violence and intolerance.


Media without borders highly values the work, innovation, and capabilities of other news and media organizations in the region and internationally. Media without borders will pursue partnerships and linkages with news and media organizations within the region and beyond to build on past experiences, leverage resources, and widen impact. Examples of partnerships include Wattan News Agency, Palestine, Beirut DC, Lebanon, Araa, Lebanon Horisis France

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